Blog 3- 'Fit mean that Feel Good Factor'

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Fit mean that Feel Good Factor.

This week I'd like to focus on that strange but wonderful feeling we (should) get from training.

Throughout my personal training  sessions ( as point of interest ) I will always ask my clients to tell me how they feel before and after each session, simply by telling me, or by writing it down. This in turn helps me to focus on motivating my clients to reach their goals and targets.

This is one response I thought Id share with you, from a client who never really liked training, but just wanted to start exercising. This to me sums up everything not only what this girl is about, how she has changed, but also what exercising now means to her:

"As it can be difficult to get motivated to exercise, I often imagine what I will feel like after my workout- this helps me push myself that bit more. I feel a great deal of satisfaction after exercising, like I have really achieved something great. The feeling can be so overwhelming at times, it is as if I have faced a huge challenge or even conquered a fear.

I then begin to understand why people get addicted to exercising. I also feel proud of myself after working out. In comparison to the guilt I could have felt if I had sat in and pigged out instead! And not only does it give me a great buzz, I know it's doing my body good as well.

What other actvity or substance available gives a great buzz and is good for us? None that I can think of '


Finding the right exercise for your own body and your own enjoyment can be hard, but you will find it. There is a class, gym or physical activity to suit every body, shape & size.

Once you are motivated it is by no means easy to continue, but continual motivation will become a habit - habit is what keeps you at it. If it was easy, wouldn’t everyone would be doing it

So one begs the question… should it be called the ‘fit factor’ or the feel good factor??

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